First, let’s figure out what we mean when we say ‘purpose.’

Here’s what I believe.

I don’t necessarily think that we all have ‘1 single purpose’ in life. That one, glorious activity that lies at the ready, patiently waiting to be discovered.

Instead, I believe we have natural abilities and our own interests. So what most people call ‘purpose’ is simply the intersection between your abilities and your interests.

Here my purpose was to catch the salmon and avoid bears.

You have multiple abilities, right? And multiple interests? Sure.

This is why I don’t believe we only have one purpose, but many. And they evolve as you mature.

Yes, your purpose…

How fulfilled do you feel on a daily basis? If you’re like most, probably not as much as you’d like.

Trust me, I know this first-hand.

You’re Not Alone…

When I was 26, I was the captain of an 80 ft. sailboat in Key West. We sailed 3 times per day, everyday. And every single day without fail, this conversation happened….

[After a few drinks and feeling truthful, passenger walks towards stern (rear) where I’m at the wheel steering the ship]

[Passenger]: Hey this is amazing! Sun, sea…Florida…man, I don’t get this at home. …

My son/daughter,

I know how you must be feeling right now. Small, defeated, shaken and questioning yourself. And ashamed that everybody sees it.

Like you can no longer trust your own two legs, your own opinions, your own ideas and thoughts. That maybe…just maybe…other people are right, and you’ve been wrong all along.

I want you to try, with every once of life you have left, to resist this “questioning” of yourself. I want you to stand tall, if even only for a few seconds. Raise your head high, even though you may not feel worthy. …

Morning routines can be life-changing.

But, they’re not always easy.

And really, not all routines are good.

So here’s a few tips on how to travel the world, but not stray far from good habits.

Scene 1: How Routines Can Be Evil

I believe some routines will kill you, literally kill you.

Let’s take most people’s “routines.”

Wake up, check phone, shower, drive to work. Same BS, different day. It’s Tuesday. Lunch at one of 2 places. Eat. Check phone. Back to work, stop-and-start drive home. Dinner, TV, sleep. But not good sleep. Wake again. Shower. Phone. Wednesday. Repeat.

I get it, man. This sense of familiarity…

If you’re in your 30’s and haven’t done these, god help you.

Your 40’s are gonna suuuuck.

Hopefully, though, there’s still time.

Goal 1: Figure Out How You Learn

Congratulations, 30-plus-year-old.

You, like many others, are probably guilty of packing your brain day-after-freaking-day with useless factoids, cool movie quotes, and the painfully clear details of Kim Kardashian’s Starbucks habits on Tuesdays. It’s no wonder that the moment you’re tasked with learning something important…alas. You’ve discovered that you’ve forgotten how to learn skills like you used to.

Your 30’s are an amazing time for growth. You’re young enough to be agile, but old enough to make good decisions…

My goal in India? Don’t die.

Josh, here.

Once upon a time, in the absolute middle of nowhere, there was a girl I met who was riding her pedal bike through the Himalayas. She appeared as a little dot in the distance, and as I motored closer to this strange silhouette on the road, I realized it was a girl…with huge calves.

You could learn a lot from this girl.

Naturally I had to stop. This was the first person I’d seen all day, let alone the first person on a bike I’d seen in like a month. She was going in the opposite direction as…

Josh Koerpel

CEO and Co-founder of, and host of Firebuilders LIVE.

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